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[Oh sweet baby Cthulhu what is this madness. Hermes is cowering up on the top of the cabinets with his skin as pale as the snow outside. His tentacles are folded tightly around him, save for the ones that are holding onto his journal. He's seen Santa and elves on television plenty of times but had assumed they were mere fictional constructs, like Dora the Explorer and politicians. Not things that happen in real life and definitely not in his house.]

Have small human in apartment. [Hermes turns the screen to display the creature staring up at him, its hands on its hips.] Is telling to do things. Making threats. Moving things. What do?!?


[The elf has been issuing a lot of commands, which Hermes resents, but the promise of presents entices him. He does not wish to be declared 'naughty'. He saw that word used on the tv once and then a woman in the small clothes got hit a lot while saxophone music played, and Hermes does not wish to be spanked. Nice, however, may prove fruitful. He has also seen 'Santa's list' concept on the television and nice means presents. Maybe he'll finally get that tank he wants, or one of those puzzle ball things. So far the commands have been fairly simple--making a fruit salad, hanging bits of tinsel from the walls, juggling kitchen knives, and so on. Things he'd probably do anyway. Now the elf wants him to get out of the house and this is going to be more of an effort.

Hermes puts on his hat and his little tentacle-booties and makes his careful way to the nearby shop. The small human has commissioned him with the task of 'warming some lonely cold heart this Christmas with a tentacle-made gift', and while he can't do much for hearts he can do a bit for shoulders. Knitting looks simple enough. He's not sure who the cold heart would be but in this weather everyone's got to be cold. He'll foist it off on some useful idiot.

The octopus can be found slogging his way through the snow or he can be found at the store in a basket of yarn, wielding a crochet needle in one tentacle and a stitch dictionary in another. Purple yarn is wrapped around him. The book makes it seem so easy but he can't match the pictured gestures with only tentacles. This is tangerine-colored levels of frustrating.]

Puzzle 1

Nov. 15th, 2012 06:13 pm
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[There is an octopus sitting in the town fountain. He's white as the inside of a clamshell, curled up in the smallest corner he can find. It takes him a few minutes to trust the world enough to cautiously slip up to the surface and crawl out of the water. His new wings flick away droplets of water, causing him to shuffle around to get a glimpse of what's attached itself to him.]


[It's bone and muscle and feathers, and it's none of the things an octopus should have. A delicate tug indicates they can't just be yanked off. Hermes spits out a jet of water and turns back to see where he is.]


[This is not Chicago. It's not even the parkish bits of Chicago that he's seen out of car windows. This is all wrong. Hermes switches from nervous white to irritated yellow, his tentacles curling.] What. Where? What? What?! [Where is his apartment? What put him here? What is with the wings? What what what what.]


[Hermes has chilled out and returned to a comfortable woodsy brown. He's sitting on the rim of a filled bathtub, with the screen propped up on the lid of the toilet.]

Have apartment, but apartment insufficient for octopus. Furniture and movers required. First requirement: tank. [He moves his tentacles to indicate a rectangle shape.] Large fishtank. Also hose and pump for emptying and refilling. Bathtub leaks out drain, is located inconveniently.

[Hermes gestures to himself. If one compares him to the tub for a sense of scale, it's obvious that he's only a foot high.] Cannot carry by myself. Food, toys, also need in future, but tank is largest. Will trade goods or services for tank and tank-moving. Make offer.
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